Dart Frog
Family Dendrobatidae

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Range and habitat:
Dart frogs are found in the moist tropical forests of Central and South America.

Natural diet:
These frogs eat small insects, especially ants.

Size / weight range:
The dart frog only grows to be 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches.

Interesting facts:
The general name for this family of amphibian because a few of these types of frogs were used to provide poison for blow darts that were once used by native peoples. All amphibians have toxic skin secretions, and some of the poison dart frogs have among the most toxic secretions of any frog. Only three of the 169 species in the family were used in the making of poison darts, and the native people no longer use them. The most poisonous dart frogs are known for their bright colors. These colors warn potential predators of their toxic skin.

Dart frogs demonstrate amazing parental care. In some species, eggs are laid on leaves, and the newly hatched tadpoles climb onto the father's back and are transported to a safe nursery pool such as the water in a bromeliad. In some species, the mother lays infertile eggs for the tadpoles to eat during their 90-day larval period.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Amazing Amphibians exhibit, located in the Museum of Science

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