Kaiser Newt
Neurergus kaiseri

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Range and habitat:
The Kaiser newt is found in a small range in Iran. Its range probably totals less than 10 square kilometers.

Natural diet:
These newts feed on small invertebrates.

Size / weight range:
The Kaiser newt reaches a maximun length of 4 inches.

Interesting facts:
The Kaiser newt lives and breeds in streams, and has an aquatic larval stage. The adults spend the warmer months in the water, but hibernate on land during the winter. The larvae have a long tail, which is an adaptation for life in flowing water. Because of its bright colors, the Kaiser newt is sought by private collectors. This has led to its decline because of over collection for the pet trade. It is considered critically endangered by the IUCN.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Amazing Amphibians exhibit, located in the Museum of Science

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