Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum

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Range and habitat:
Tiger salamanders are found in a wide range throughout the eastern and central United States.

Natural diet:
This species feeds on small invertebrates and vertebrates.

Size / weight range:
The largest tiger salamander on record is about 13 inches, but most adults are less than 8 inches.

Interesting facts:
The tiger salamander is the largest terrestrial salamander in the United States. It breeds in early spring in pools and small ponds where they may congregate in large numbers. Tiger salamanders have internal fertilization. The male deposits a spermatophore that the female picks up in here cloaca. The eggs are then fertilized when they are deposited in the water. This salamander has a larval stage that is aquatic. Most of its life is spent underground, but it is occasional observed during rain. The addition of fish to ponds prevents this salamander from using the ponds for breeding.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Amazing Amphibians exhibit, located in the Museum of Science

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