Giant Japanese Spider Crab
Macrocheira kaempferi

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Range and habitat:
The Japanese spider crab's range is limited to the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese archipelago. They live on mud or sand areas of the ocean floor at depths of 50 to 300 m (150 to 1,000 feet).

Natural diet:
Macrocheira kaempferi feeds primarily on shellfish and dead animals found on the ocean floor.

Size / weight range:
Fully grown, Giant Japanese spider crabs can reach a leg span of almost 4 meters (13 feet), a body size of up to 37.5 cm (15 inches) and a weight of up to 20 kg (44 lb).

Interesting facts:
The Giant Japanese spider crab is the largest known arthropod.

Endangered species status: It is commonly harvested as a food item in Japan, and it is becoming less common but it is not yet endangered.

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