White-Blotched River Ray (a.k.a. Leopoldi Stingray, Freshwater Stingray)
Potamotrygon leopoldi

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Range and habitat:
The White-blotched river ray is native to South America, in the Xingu river basin.

Natural diet:
These rays eat small invertebrates and fish. At The Toledo Zoo they start out as pups eating chopped up red worms and black worms. Then as they grow they will eat chopped up frozen foods such as small krill and mysids. As they mature they will take smelt, large krill and worms.

Size / weight range:
They can grow to over 18 inches in diameter.

Interesting Fact:
This species of stingray is the most boldly patterned, most rays are shades of brown. It is thought that the bright polka-dots on the black background of this species helps camouflage it in the sun-dappled streams where it lives. So little is known about this species, that its status in the wild is unknown, but it is probably very rare.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:

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