Crested Wood Partridge (a.k.a Roul Roal,
Green Wood Partridge, Red-crowned Wood Partridge)
Rollulus rouloul

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Range and habitat:
The Crested wood partridge is native to the tropical lowland forests, woodlands and bamboo thickets found in southeastern Asian countries of Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.

Natural diet:
The Crested wood partridge eats fruit, seeds, insects, and small invertebrates

Size / weight range:
This species will grow to be approximately 9-10" in length. Males have a blackish body with a reddish brown crest and a red patch around eye. Females are green with no crest. Males are larger than females.

Interesting facts:
Crested wood partridges use their feet to probe for insects, seeds, and fruit on the forest floor.
They are listed as near threatened due to habitat loss.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:

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