Elegant-crested Tinamou (a.k.a. Martineta Tinamou)
Eudromia elegans

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Range and habitat:
The Elegant crested tinamouu is found in dry lowland shrubland and farmland in Southern Chile and Argentina.

Natural diet:
The bird feeds on seeds, leaves, fruit and insects.

Size / weight range:
The Elegant crested tinamou grows to be 15 to 16 inches in length. No dimorphic differences in sexes, meaning that males and females have the same features. They are a dark brownish partridge with a pointy crest on the top of the head. They have short wings and tails with two white stripes on each side of the face.

Interesting facts:
Related to the ostrich and the emu, tinamous are the closest living relative of the prehistoric flying bird. Males incubate the eggs and raise the young, and chicks leave the next almost immediately. Tinamous have no hind toe. They are not considered endangered and are listed as least Concern.

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