Fairy Bluebird (a.k.a. Mantled Fairy Bluebird,
Blue-Backed Fairy Bluebird and Common Fairy)

Irena puella

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Range and habitat:
Fairy bluebirds are found in the forests of the Himalayas, as well as northeast India and southeast Asia

Natural diet:
These birds feed on fruits, insects and figs.

Size / weight range:
The fairy bluebird grows to be 10” tall, and they are sexually dimorphic (males and females have distinct features). Males are brilliant blue and black on the back and black on the underside. Females are a dull blue all over. Both have red eyes.

Interesting Fact:
Only female fairy bluebirds build nests. This species is not endangered, although numbers are declining the wild.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:

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