White-Naped Crane
Grus vipio

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The light brown bird is a White-naped Crane chick that was almost four months old when this video was recorded.

Range and habitat:
The White-naped crane is found in shallow wetlands and wet meadows of southeastern Asia. It often opts for areas adjacent to agricultural fields.

Natural diet:
These cranes feed on insects, small vertebrates, seeds, roots, tubers and wetland plants.

Size / weight range:
These birds stand 130 cm (about 4 feet high) and weigh around 5.6 kg (12lbs).

Interesting facts:
The word nape refers to the back of their neck, and it provides the source of their name. Like all cranes, White-naped cranes dance, a behavior which includes bowing, jumping, running, stick and grass tossing, and wing flapping. It is often, but not always associated with courtship. The White-naped Crane is part of The Toledo Zoo's SSP (Species Survival Plan) to help ensure a healthy and genetically diverse population throughout U.S. zoos.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Behind the penguin exhibit at Tiger Terrace -- also visible from the south ramp for the Anthony Wayne Trail foot bridge.

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