Ricord's Iguana
Cyclura ricordi


Range and habitat:
Thorn scrub woodlands in the Cul-de-Sac/ Valle de Neiba Plain on the island of Hispaniola; coastal lowlands in the Baharona Peninsula.

Natural diet:
Leaves and fruit; occasional insects and small vertebrates- especially when young

Size / weight range:
Four to five feet length, including tail, and can weigh between five and ten pounds.

Interesting Facts:
• IUCN critically endangered; major threats are habitat destruction and hunting
• Mating in April-May; females lay 2-18 eggs which hatch in 95-100 days in September-October.
• The Toledo Zoo works with the National Zoo of the Dominican Republic and the Indianapolis Zoo in conservation of this species in Lago Enriquillo National Park.

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