African Wild Dog
Lycaon pictus

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The video above includes sound so you can hear the distinct sounds made by the African Wild Dog.

Range and habitat:
This species lives in the savanna, arid brush, and open wooded country from South Africa, north to Ethiopia and the Sudan and west from the Ivory Coast and eastern border of Guinea in the South through Mali and Niger to southern Algeria.

Natural diet:
In the wild, African wild dogs eat antelope and zebra.

Size / weight range:
These dogs grow to be 30 inches tall at the shoulder, 44 inches long with a 14 inch tail. They typically weigh between 45 and 70 pounds.

Interesting facts:
The African wild dogs at The Toledo Zoo are part of a Species Survival Program to ensure a healthy and genetically diverse population in zoos throughout the country. They are classified as endangered, with less than 5,000 in the wild.
It's possible for the African wild dogs to have a single litter of 15 pups.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Africa! exhibit area near the Safari Railway station

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