Snow Leopard
Panthera uncia

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Range and habitat:
Snow leopards live throughout the mountains of central Asia in Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Snow leopards are usually found at altitudes between 3,000 and 5,400 meters above sea level.

Natural diet:
Wild sheep, small mammals.

Size / weight range:
Body length ranges from 39 to 51 inches, and the tail is almost as long as rest of the body-good for balance. Weighs between 60 and 120 pounds.

Interesting Facts:
The snow leopards at The Toledo Zoo are part of the Species Survival Plan program.
There are only 3500 to 7000 snow leopards left in wild.
Snow leopards are usually solitary, except when females are raising cubs.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Along the pathway leading to the African Savanna exhibit, adjacent to the sloth bear exhibit.

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