White-cheeked Gibbon
Hylobates leucogenys

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Range and habitat:
Tropical broadleaf evergreen forests in China and Vietnam.

Natural diet:
Fruits, leaves, flowers, insects.

Size / weight range:
18 to 25 inches long. Weight for both sexes is up to about 20 pounds.

Interesting Facts:
The White-cheeked Gibbons at The Toledo Zoo are part of the Species Survival Plan program.
White-cheeked Gibbons are Endangered.
All baby white-cheeked gibbons are born with a light coat. Ffemales keep the light coat while males transition to black coats.
The male and female vocal duet is antiphonal (not in unison). The female begins a song, and the male answers with his.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Primate Forest.
You may be able to see our gibbons live on the Primate Cam!

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