Eastern Fox Snake
Pantherophis gloydi

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Range and habitat:
The Eastern fox snake is native to Ohio, Michigan and Ontario, where it lives on the ground an in trees.

Natural diet:
This snake eats small mammals and birds.

Size / weight range:
The record length for the Eastern fox snake is nearly six feet.

Interesting facts:
The Eastern fox snake is the largest and most majestic snake in the Toledo area. It seems to do well in some altered habitat, but is frequently observed in the marshes east of Toledo. It has a copper colored head which occasionally cause unknowledgeable people to misidentify it as a copperhead which do not occur in Northwestern Ohio. This misidentification has caused some people to kill this snake. The fox snake is protected by the State of Ohio.

The Eastern fox snake kills its prey by constriction, wrapping several coils around the prey and causing it to suffocate or its heart to stop.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
The Reptile House

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