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Although we do not have fact pages for every single animal living at The Toledo Zoo, we hope you will enjoy the following collection. The information in our fact pages was collected and verified by our very own zoo keepers and curators. Each fact page offers the animal's information, a photo, 30-secondweb video (requires Flash) and links where you can download your own copies of the videos as Quicktimes or AVI if you want to use them for projects or add them to your own collection. Most of our videos do not have sound, but if you see 'includes audio' under the name of the animal then that video does include sound.

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Dart Frog
(includes audio)

Japanese Giant Salamander

Kaiser Newt

Kihansi Spray Toad

Slimy Salamander

Tiger Salamander

Wyoming Toad

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Aquarium Animals


Australian lungfish

Black tip reef shark

Blue tang / surgeonfish


Flashlight Fish

Giant Japanese spider crab

Horseshoe crab

Lake sturgeon

Leopoldi Stingray (White-blotched river ray)

Moon jelly (jellyfish)

Rose anemone

Staghorn coral

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African penguin

African pygmy falcon
(includes audio)

Bald eagle

Bali mynah
(includes audio)

Bearded barbet

Blue-bellied roller
(includes audio)

Blue-crowned motmot

Cinereous vulture

Crested wood partridge

Cuban Amazon
(includes audio)

Eastern bluebird

Egyptian plover

Elegant crested tinamou

Fairy bluebird

Gold-breasted starling
(includes audio)

Golden white-eye

Gouldian finch

Grey-winged trumpeter

Guira cuckoo

Jambu fruit dove
(includes audio)

Lesser bird of paradise
(includes audio)

Luzon bleeding heart dove

Madagascar buttonquail


Paradise tanager

Red-breasted goose
(includes audio)

Rhinoceros hornbill

Saddle-billed stork

Spectacled owl


Victoria crowned pigeon

Waldrapp ibis

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Conservation Animals

Cuban Boa

Karner Blue Butterfly

Mitchell's Satyr

Mona Boa

Purplish Copper Butterfly

Ricord's Iguana


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Insects and Spiders

Giant leaf insect

Giant spiny stick insect

Leafcutter ants

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Mexican red knee tarantula

Madagascar orb weaver


African Elephant

African Wild Dog
(includes audio)

Allen's Swamp Monkey

Amur Tiger

Bornean Orangutan


Colobus Monkey

Francois' Langur

Grant's Zebra

Gray Wolf

Greater Kudu

Grey Seal

Harbor Seal


Masai Giraffe


Nile Hippopotamus

Polar Bear

Sloth Bear

Snow Leopard

Western Lowland Gorilla

White-beareded Wildebeest

White Rhinoceros

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Aruba Island Rattlesnake

Black Tree Monitor

Burmese Brown Tortoise


Desert Grassland Whiptail Lizard

Eastern Fox Snake

Eastern Massasauga

Fiji Island Iguana

Gaboon Viper

Gila Monster

King Cobra

Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle

Solomon Island Prehensile Tailed Skink

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