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Zoo Brew

Location: Nairobi Pavilion -- Toledo Zoo

From: September 18, 2015 at 7:00pm to: 11:00pm

Details: Sample a variety of microbrews and enjoy appetizers and music!

Zoo Brew

Friday, September 18

Microbrews—appetizers—live entertainment!

Whether you prefer pilsners, pale ales, or stouts as part of your beer-tasting experience, Zoo Brew has the right suds to please your palate! As part of a laid back evening at The Toledo Zoo, sample a variety of fine microbrews (vendors and products are listed at the bottom of this page). Zoo Brew also features tasty appetizers to keep your energy up, as well as a soda and water station. Join us for the fun in the Zoo’s Nairobi Pavilion!

Age Requirement

You must be 21 or over to attend Zoo Brew fest. Tickets must be purchased in advance and reservations are required.

Details for the 2015 event will be posted here at a later date. For an idea of how much variety we have at Zoo Brew, check out the list below featuring selections served at the 2014 event.

2014 Participating Vendors and Featured Products

Additional info may be added prior to the event, please check back often!

Great Black Swamp Brewing Co.

• Bay Front Pale Ale
• Dark n Dirty Stout
• Equinox Imperial Red
• Humulust Imperial IPA
• Midnight Sun Black IPA
• Mosquito Red

NWO Beverage, Inc

Indigo Imp (Cleveland, OH)
• Blonde Bombshell
• Gate Keeper Robust Porter

Rivertown (Cincinnati, OH)
• Blueberry Lager
• Pumpkin Ale

Rockmill (Lancaster, OH)
• Saison
• Dubbel

Oskar Blues (Longmont, CO)
• Dales Pale Ale
• Old Chub Scottish Ale

Crispin (Colfax, CA)
• Original Hard Cider
• Pacific Pear Cider

Harpoon (Boston, MA)
• Oktoberfest
• UFO Raspberry Heffeweizen

Heidelberg Distributors and Rampant Brands

Assorted products will be offered from the following beer brands:

Cavalier Distributors

Fat Heads
Headhunter and Bumble Berry

Jackie O’s
Mystic Mama and Chomolungma

5 Rabbit
Lizard, Rabbit, and Vulture

Vanilla Porter and Agave Wheat

Go To and Stone IPA

Jolly Pumpkin
La Roja

Dogfish Head
60 Minute and Festina Peche

B Nektar
Zombie Killer

Eurobrew, Inc.

Wychwood Products (UK):

• Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin is a powerful full-bodied copper red, well-balanced brew. Strong in roasted malt with a moderate hoppy bitterness and slight fruity character that lasts through to the end. The ruby red coloured Hobgoblin is full-bodied and has a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity character.

• King Goblin
Brewed only on a Full Lunar Moon. As the full moon casts its eerie light over the shadowy old Eagle Brewery, a magical brew gurgles forth from the casks. King Goblin is hand crafted from roasted chocolate and crystal malts, with a timely infusion of fuggles, sovereign, styrian and cascade hops to produce an indulgently rich, full, smooth beer of exceptional quality and character.

• Scarecrow
Scarecrow is brewed using a unique blend of Plumage Archer Barley Malt, organically grown for us under the auspices of the Prince of Wales Duchy Estate in Gloucestershire. Whole leaf target hops, naturally grown in a single garden in Kent, are added to create a beer of exceptional taste and character. The Scarecrow conducts a melody of refreshing citrus and delightful malt flavour, rounded off with a spicy bittersweet finish.

• Wychcraft
WychCraft’s innovative new recipe includes adding three infusions of Styrian Goldings hops to the copper, to create a highly aromatic brew, bursting with succulent citrus and lime hop character. A light base of delicately flavoured English Fuggles hops, and the use of a lager malt, help retain the signature hop character and create a wonderfully aromatic and fragrant summertime beer. Beguiling to the end.

St. Peters (UK):

•Sorgham Beer (Gluten Free)
Sovereign Hops grown in Suffolk, nearby to the brewery, provide the floral notes for this full bodied beer which is gluten free and suitable for people with celiacs.

• Organic English Ale
Water is extracted from the brewery’s 300 feet deep borehole and combined with the U.K. Soil Association accredited light malted barley from Norfolk. Organic Hallertau hops from New Zealand provide the distinctive palate. The yeast used is St. Peter’s own single strand variety. The result is a delicate, clean, crisp, lightly carbonated, traditional English ale with a full citrus hop aftertaste. This lovely beer won the top prize in the Soil Association’s annual awards in 2002.

• Fruit Ale
Who would ever think that a grapefruit and a beer would blend together so deliciously! Not sweet, but crisp and zesty, a perfect refreshing summer drink from the craft brewers at St Peter’s Brewery in England. The zesty/pithy grapefruit is in complete harmony with the hops and malt. Excellent as an aperitif or as a refreshing change. Winner of numerous CAMRA and overseas awards including bronze medal, Speciality Beers, CAMRA Great British Beer Festival 2007.

Marston (UK):

• Oyster Stout
Traditionally in London at about the time of Dickens, Stout and Oysters were the poor man’s meal, taken as good hearty tasty food. There are no Oysters in Oyster Stout, but the association is well established and you can now enjoy this great tasting traditional English Stout.

The unique character of Oyster Stout is brought about by fermentation with the Marston’s strain of yeast. Taken from the Burton Unions, this yeast is very active and gives full attenuation of beer giving a dry clean after-palate. English Aroma Hops, Fuggles and Goldings are added for their fruity, floral and spicy contribution to the taste with the majority of the bitterness coming from the roasted malts. The final result is a rich, dark and extremely creamy smooth stout with good character and strength.

Black Sheep (UK):

• Black Sheep Ale
Black Sheep Ale – ABV 4.4% A full flavored ale with a rich fruit nose brewed with many generous handfuls of choice Golding hops gives a bittersweet malty taste, followed by a dry and bitter finish

• Holy Grail
Holy Grail – ABV 5 %. A delicious beer that the Knight of the Round Table would have been proud of. Introduced in 1999 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Monty Python.  Beer enthusiasts and Monty Python fans everywhere rejoice!  Now there is a beer that combines two of your passions. Monty Python s Holy Grail Ale is a delicious beer that the Knights of the Round Table would have been proud of. It is brewed by the Black-sheep Brewery in Yorkshire, England since 1999 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Monty Python.

Treu House of Munch

Today’s Oktoberfest beers are characterized by a medium body and light, golden color. Sweet maltiness is mild with an equalizing balance of clean, hop bitterness. Hop aroma and flavor should be low but notable. Similar or equal to Dortmunder/European-style export.

Made with locally grown White Pumpkins. Our brewers cut the pumpkins, sprinkle them with brown sugar (and love) and bake them in our brick oven.

Medium-bodied, southern German style lager. Brewed following the traditional German brewing purity standards using German hops and yeast.

Old Detroit Amber Ale is a kick back and relax kind of beer named for the city that still takes a stand for quality. It is smooth like old Motown with light body and a slightly malty sweetness.

Big Wave is a lighter bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor - a smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The use of caramel malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and our special blend of hops provides a bright quenching finish.

Copper in color, this medium bodied beer is the perfect blend of roasted malts with just the right amount of hops to capture a true representation of the style.

Aroma and Taste: Herbal, woody, and citrus aroma. Spicy, resinous hop flavors with enough sweetness to balance the Mt. Hood hops.Mouthfeel:
Medium bodied, medium carbonation. Spicy hop flavor lingers on the palate with a malty, dry finish.

William Ogden opened Chicago’s first brewery. He was the city’s first mayor. And he added the North Brand channel to the Chicago River that created the island from which we take our name. Three good reasons why we gave our first-ever Belgian Style Tripel his name. We dry hopped The Ogden with American Citra® and Brewer’s Gold hops to add spicy, tropical flavors. Then we fermented it with a unique Belgian yeast to give it a bold, complex palate.

O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer is brewed with real pumpkin and spiced tea of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The result is a smooth, creamy amber beer that tastes like “Pumpkin Pie in a bottle”.

Pronounced hop flavor and aromas of Kiwi, Passionfruit, Apricot and Gooseberry. Clean, assertive bitterness with balanced malts. Rare New Zealand Rakau hops along with Citra, Centennial and Amarillo. Named after the Norse Goddess Saga, drinking companion of the God Odin.

A nostalgic blend of vanilla, chocolate & strawberry all in one rich and creamy milk stout. Because sometimes, ice cream just isn’t enough.

A classic American brown ale with just a touch of smoke.

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