The Toledo Zoo Scavenger Hunts and Activity Sheets

Explore the Zoo in a whole new way with our activity sheets and scavenger hunts.  Each one features a particular group of animals, adding new focus to your field trip. The answer key is provided at the end of each activity.

Please note: some lessons encourage information-gathering activities at specific Zoo locations. Before planning a field trip where those lessons are incorporated, educators can contact us at 419.385.5721 to inquire if the exhibit(s) will be accessible. Weather, construction and other factors may influence whether an exhibit is open.

Click on the name of the Scavenger Hunt below to download a PDF version:

Nature’s Most Wanted

Discover some of the rarest animals at the Zoo. All the animals in this scavenger hunt are endangered species!

Where’s the Wacky and Weird

Only the coolest, most unusual animals are part of this scavenger hunt. Search the Zoo to find the animals with the wackiest and weirdest adaptations.