Help! I can’t see the Zoo web cams!

There are a few common reasons why some of our web visitors can’t view our web cams, so we have compiled a short list in hopes of offering clarification and assistance. Please note: due to the extensive variations of Internet technology, computers, and device technology, the Zoo is not able to offer technical support in resolving web cam issues beyond offering the suggestions below:

I only see a black rectangle on all of the cam pages—no camera feed
If you can’t see any of our cams, there a few possible explanations:

• If you are attempting to view our web cams on a smart phone or other wireless device, the code that streams our web cams on the Internet may not be compatible with your service plan, data plan, and/or device.

• If your computer is inside of a business, library, school, or other organization, it’s possible that the computer is operating on a network with a firewall or other restrictive security system that prevents the web cams from displaying properly in your browser. If so, you would need to get assistance from the network’s IT Administrator or other technical staff.

• If you are using Internet Explorer, you may have your security settings placed at the highest levels, which would block some of the plug-in features used by our web cams. You may also have to give permission for the Active X Control plug-in to be installed or otherwise grant permission (look for notices at the top of the Internet Explorer window, or pop-up windows with warnings). In most cases, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome have no problems accessing our web cams.

Most of the cameras work for me but on a specific cam(s) I only see a black rectangle or an empty rectangle
In this scenario, your browser is compatible with all of our cams, but it is possible that the non-responsive cam needs service, or has been disconnected at the Zoo during construction or maintenance on the exhibit.

I see an image but NO animals!
If you are seeing an image in the camera feed then the camera is functioning for you, but the animals may be off camera or may not be on exhibit at the present time. Our cameras were installed in locations where we think animals will be visible most of the time, but as they roam through their exhibits they may be in an area that the camera can’t see. It is also possible that the animals are off exhibit. Our web cams are on all of the time, but the animals take breaks and they also have additional living spaces that are off-exhibit.

Is it a dark camera signal? If you are viewing our web cams and it is night time in Toledo, Ohio, most of the exhibits do not have lights in them so overnight the web cams would not be able to see anything but darkness.