The Carnivore Café has two primary ordering stations. Try the Grrrrill for assorted hot foods and the Deli which has a great assortment of salads, wraps and sandwiches. During the warmer months visitors can also visit the Coolers window on the south side of the Café (near the cheetah exhibit) for some tasty frozen beverages and assorted snack and dessert items.

The Grrrrrill

Supreme Grill Combos
Includes fries, cole slaw and pickle spear
• Bacon & Ranch Carved Turkey Combo
• Carved Turkey Combo  
• Breaded Chicken Combo
• Double Cheeseburger Combo  
• Breaded Fish Combo
• Double Burger Combo
• Veggie Burger Combo

Grill Combos
Includes Fries
• 4 Piece Chicken Tenders Combo
• Western Cheeseburger Combo (burger is topped with BBQ sauce and onion rings)
• Cheeseburger Combo  
• Hamburger Combo  

• Onion Rings w/dip’n sauce
• Zoo-licious Fries  

Fresh Salads
• Taco Salad (beef or chicken)
• Greek Salad
• Tuna Salad
• Garden Salad

Kids Choices

Lunchbox (Includes Includes Souvenir Lunchbox, Apple Sauce and Carrots):
• K.C. Meal - Chicken Nuggets
• H.O.P.E. Meal - Hotdog

Kids’ combo (Includes Apple Sauce And Carrots):
• 3 piece Chicken Tenders
• 4 piece Chicken Nugget
• Hotdog

A La Carte Menu
• Double Cheeseburger
• 4 Piece Chicken Tenders
• Double Hamburger
• Breaded Chicken Sandwich
• Breaded Fish Sandwich
• Veggie Burger
• Cheeseburger
• Hamburger
• Kids 3 piece Chicken Tenders
• Kids 4 piece Chicken Nuggets
• Kid/Senior Hotdog  
• Whole Pickle
• 1/2 Pickle

Zoo-Rrific Desserts
• Watermelon
• Louie-Palooza
• Dirt Pudding  
• Bear Jello
• Brownie  
• Pudding
• Jello
• M&M Cookie

The Deli

Includes Chips, Cole Slaw & Pickle Spear
• Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich
• Turkey and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich
• Tuna Salad Wrap
• Chicken Salad Wrap  
• Ham Wrap
• Turkey Wrap  

Salads And More
• Taco Salad (beef or chicken)
• Tuna Salad
• Garden Salad

• Deluxe Nachos
• Nachos  
• Cheese & Chili Dog
• Cheese Dog
• Chili Dog

• Watermelon
• Louie-Palooza - Van
• Louie-Palooza - Chocolate
• Louie-Palooza - Caramel
• Dirt Pudding
• Bear Jello
• Brownie
• Pudding
• Jello
• Pickle
• Chips
• M & M Cookie

Just For Kids

Combo (Includes Chips & Kid Fun Cup):
• Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
• Kid Hot Dog  

Lunchbox (Includes Souvenir Lunchbox, Bag Of Goldfish, Raisins and Juice Box):
• K.C. Meal - Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
• H.O.P.E. Meal - Hotdog

Coolers Window

The Coolers Window is located on the south side of the Café building and is open seasonally during warmer months.

Frozen Drinks
• Shakes (available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors)
• Chillers (available in strawberry & kiwi and blue raspberry flavors)
• Kids’ Frozen Lemonade (available as plain frozen lemonade or frozen strawberry lemonade) 

Zoo-Rrific Desserts
• Fresh Soft Pretzel
• Watermelon
• Louie-Palooza - Van
• Louie-Palooza - Chocolate
• Louie-Palooza - Caramel
• Dirt Pudding  
• Bear Jello
• Brownie  
• Pudding
• Jello
• M&M Cookie

Beverages And Zoovenir Cups

The Grrrrill, Deli, and Coolers window offer the following beverage selections:
• Pepsi
• Diet Pepsi
• Mountain Dew
• Dr Pepper
• Sierra Mist
• Tropicana Twister
• Lemonade  
• Ice Tea
• Apple Juice
• Coffee/Decaf/Tea
• Aquafina Bottled Water  
• Milk

When you buy one of our exciting Zoovenir Cups a portion of the proceeds is donated to our Conservation Today program, you can get refills at concessions areas throughout the Zoo for a nominal charge, and you help us with our sustainability practices—“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  Zoovenir cup selections are on display at all concessions counters and are available in kids’ and adult sizes.

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