The Patio’s Homemade Pizza

Order your pizza with a Value Meal which includes baby carrots & apple sauce

• 6” Cheese
• 6” Pepperoni
• 6” Vegetarian
   prepared on multi-grain dough with white sauce, feta cheese, spinach & tomatoes


Includes rice, black beans, queso sauce, lettuce, diced tomatoes & sour cream

Meat choices:
• Taco beef
• Chicken

Stir Fry

• Orange chicken and rice
• Pork with Teriyaki and rice
• Egg roll vegetable

K.C. & Crew Conservation Lunch Box

All lunch boxes include a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich, apple wedges, carrots & celery sticks

Healthy Eats’ From The Garden

• Greek Salad
• Spinach Salad
• Nature’s Neighborhood House Salad
• Veggie Sticks
   Carrots, celery & sliced cucumber with Ranch dipping cup
• Fruit Salad
• Humus Platter                              
   Served with humus dip, pita bread, carrots, celery, and sliced cucumber


• K.C.’S Trail Mix
   Includes Cheerio’s, raisins, craisins & chocolate chips
• Fresh Cut French Fries
• Pretzel
• Pretzel With Cheese
• Popcorn
• Cotton Candy                                    

Beverages And Zoovenir Cups

• Pepsi
• Diet Pepsi
• Mountain Dew
• Dr Pepper
• Sierra Mist
• Tropicana Twister
• Lemonade  
• Ice Tea
• Apple Juice
• Coffee/Decaf
• Aquafina Bottled Water  
• Milk

When you buy one of our exciting Zoovenir Cups a portion of the proceeds is donated to our Conservation Today program, you can get refills at concessions areas throughout the Zoo for a nominal charge, and you help us with our sustainability practices—“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  Zoovenir cup selections are on display at all concessions counters and are available in kids’ and adult sizes.

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