The Toledo Zoo—the place to make birthday memories!

*The “Extras” segment in the video above features items included with the Deluxe Package or for additional purchase.

We offer a standard Birthday Package as well as a Deluxe Birthday Package.  Please see descriptions below:

Standard Birthday Package for 12

(Available year round)

  • Personal “Birthday Keepers” (party host)
  • Party Room Rental for 1½ hours
  • Customized Birthday Cake
  • 2 pizzas
  • Beverages for 12
  • Kids Souvenir Cups and Safari hats
  • Animal Encounter (20 minute experience with interpreter)
  • Ride on the African Carousel (connected to party room)
  • Zoo Mascot Visit (Costumed character)
  • Parent Packet
  • Free Parking
  • Admission tickets for 12*



Member Cost: $250.00 + tax $225.00 + tax
Non-Member Cost: $275.00 + tax $250.00 + tax

Deluxe Birthday Package for 16

Available May - October (in October, only the 10:00 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. party times are offered)

  • Personal “Birthday Keepers” (party host)
  • Party Room Rental for 1½ hours
  • Customized Birthday Cake
  • 3 pizzas
  • Beverages for 16
  • Kids Souvenir Cups and Safari hats
  • Animal Encounter (20 minute experience with interpreter)
  • Ride on the African Carousel (connected to party room)
  • Zoo Mascot Visit (Costumed character)
  • Parent Packet
  • Birthday piñata (pre-filled with candy)
  • T-shirt for Birthday Child
  • Gift for Birthday Child
  • 16 African Train Tickets for before of after party
  • Free Parking
  • Admission tickets for 16



Member Cost: $325.00 + tax $300.00 + tax
Non-Member Cost: $350.00 + tax $325.00 + tax


• 10am to 11:30am
• 12:45pm to 2:15pm
• 3:30pm to 5pm
*During the Lights Before Christmas the 3:30 p.m. time slot is not available for birthday parties but our Animal Party Rooms can be rented for private holiday parties starting at 5:00 p.m.

Parties must be booked a minimum of 14 days in advance. Call 419-385-5721, ext. 6001.


38 is the maximum capacity of the party room

Children: $13.00 for each additional child (includes an admission ticket and full party participation)

Adults: $13.00 (for admission only)


Pizza - $13.50 each
Extra beverages - $2
Additional T-Shirts - $15.00 each
Additional Gift $5.00 each
Grab bags - $3.00, $5.00, and $8.00 each
Cake Upgrade - $25.00
Birthday piñata (pre-filled with candy) $25
Ice cream - $1.00 per serving
Train Tickets - $1.25 each
Cupcake-Smash Cake - $1.25 each
Upgrade ~  Mammal or Reptile Encounter $40
Keeper’s Favorite Encounter - $100

More questions? Here is our FAQ section:

How do you book your party?
Book at least 14 days in advance by calling 419-385-5721 ext. 6001 & securing the party with a $100 deposit payable by visa, master card, discover, & American Express.  If you are upgrading the animal encounter, that will be due 2 weeks prior to the party. The remaining balance is due the day of the party. Parties are subject to availability. Deposits are non-refundable.

How do you customize your party?
With your Parent Packet that is e-mailed to you after you book. This is how you will customize your party, selecting menu & cake options, & fun add-on’s. This is also how you will establish your final guest count. Everyone coming to the party room must be included in the final count. Parents, siblings, and the birthday child themselves are part of this count. It’s extremely important to emphasize RSVP’s on your invitations. A parent instruction sheet is included with the parent packet. You should make copies & include with children/classmate invitations giving parents drop-off instructions & admission policies. This packet should be returned to the zoo by the designated due date or the party in subject to cancelation.
Due dates are typically the Friday one WEEK before the party date

How does the admission ticket & extra guest policy work?
Admission tickets included with the package can be used for adults or children.  You will pass them out to your guests as needed on the day of your party.  Adding additional children to your package at $13.00 each will cover their admission, and full party participation.  Adding adults at $13.00 each covers admission only.  Everyone going through the gates requires an admission ticket or a valid zoo membership.  The children are counted first for the included tickets.  Adults fill up any remaining spots. The Adults in your final count that do not fit into the included tickets are considered additional guests at $13.00 each which will cover their admission.  If they are a zoo member they must present their membership card and valid id and there will be no charge.  We provide a parent instruction sheet (with your parent packet) that you should copy & include with your invitations for children/classmates, explaining the drop-off process & admission policy to parents.

Where do we meet?
On the Party Day plan to arrive 20 minutes early to check-in at Visitor Services.  At that time you will receive your package inclusive tickets.  The Birthday keeper will meet you there with a wagon to transport gifts.  After check-in is complete The Birthday Keeper & you will wait outside the gates at the main entrance for your guest to all arrive.  The meeting time is 15 minutes before party time; we recommend putting that as the time on the invitations.  Once the group is complete, The Birthday Keeper will escort all to the Party Room for the fun to begin.
Late or unexpected guests may be turned away.

When do we see the animals?
Enjoy your all-day admission, & ride the train.  You may check-in as early as 10am to collect your tickets & start your zoo visit, just be prepared to meet the Birthday keeper back at Visitor Services, outside the gates 15 minutes prior to the party time.  We’ll even watch your gifts for you.  For 3:30pm parties we strongly recommend coming early to enjoy a train ride and a zoo visit BEFORE the party.  The train’s last run will be at or before 4pm.

What is the size of the cake?
Your package includes a ¼ sheet cake, which feeds between 25- 30 people. If you have more than 30 guests you may order either an additional ¼ sheet cake or you may combine the two into one ½ sheet cake for a $25 upgrade charge. To upgrade your cake please specify in the parent packet.

Can I bring balloons?
For animal safety, there are no balloons permitted in The Toledo Zoo.

Can I bring my own food?
No, all food, including cake and ice cream, for the birthday parties must be purchased through The Toledo Zoo.  Only in special cases, will we allow an allergic guest to bring outside food to avoid health risks. 

Can I bring my own piñata?
No, for safety reasons, we do not allow guests to bring their own piñatas.

Do I need to bring anything?
Everything you will possibly need for The Toledo Zoo’s Birthday Parties is included in your package.  This includes any decorations, plates, cups, etc.

Where should my guests park?
Parking is included with Birthday Parties for all guests in the Anthony Wayne Trail parking lot. Please have guests let parking attendant know which birthday party they are with so that they will receive free parking.

When is my payment due?
Final Payment is made to your Birthday Keeper the day of your party.

Are you looking for a really wild and unique birthday gift? 
A Zoo PAL animal sponsorship is the perfect choice; and it will keep the Zoo fun going all year long. 
For more information about our Zoo PAL program visit: