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Polar Bears International

An ice covered Arctic Ocean is critical for polar bear survival. Polar Bears International Arctic Ambassador Centers (AACs) are organizations endorsed by leading polar bear scientists and the AZA which are actively engaged in saving polar bear habitat through greenhouse gas reduction within their organizations and in their communities.
Click here to visit the PBI list of Arctic Ambassadors

Wild Toledo

Wild Toledo
See how the Toledo Zoo is initating efforts to study native wild life found within Toledo city limits and the surrounding region. Community involvement is also a wonderful component of Wild Toledo. Learn more

Wild Aruba

Wild Aruba
The Toledo Zoo has been a leader in conservation efforts on the island of Aruba for eighteen years. Click here to learn about Wild Aruba and how The Toledo Zoo is involved in supporting conservation and education in Aruba through the Wild Aruba program.
Watch a video about ongoing efforts to conserve the Aruba Rattlesnake

Butterfly Conservation

Karner blue
Our ongoing butterfly conservation efforts are taking place right here in northwest Ohio. Butterfly species like the Karner blue butterfly, purplish copper, Mitchell’s satyr, and the swamp metalmark have all benefited from our efforts. Click here to learn more about this program and how you can come to the zoo and see these initiatives in action.         

Amphibian Conservation

Kihansi spray toad
Amphibians across the world are experiencing increased habitat loss, competition for food, pollution, and other dangers that are pushing some species to the brink of extinction. The Toledo Zoo has successfully launched several programs designed to help amphibian populations survive in locations as diverse as Tanzania, Puerto Rico, and Central America. Click here to learn more.

Mariana Avifauna Conservation Program

Rufous Fantail
The Toledo Zoo has contributed to the MAC Program in house as well as in the field. Since 2009, keepers from the bird department have been afforded the opportunity to work alongside other staff from U.S. zoos to capture, translocate, and transfer at risk avian species. Several of these Mariana species are currently being worked with at the Toledo Zoo.  Click here to learn more.