Meet the twin cubs Suka and Sakari

Ice to meet you

Our twin polar bear cubs, Suka and Sakari, were born in November, 2012. See them in the Arctic Encounter®, one of the nation’s top polar bear exhibits.

Mother: Crystal, 14 years old; previous offspring include a male cub in 2009 and twin cubs in 2006
Father: Marty, 16 years old. Male polar bears do not stay with their cubs.
Suka (pronounced SOO-kah): The female cub. Her name means fast in the Inuit language.
Sakari (pronounced Suh-KAR-ee): The male cub. His name means sweet in the Inuit language.
Photo credit for image at right: Randi Meyerson

View our online media kit for the polar bear cubs.

Learn more about our Behind the Scenes Tours—including an Arctic Encounter® tour with limited opportunities to see the cubs

“This is the fourth litter of polar bears the Zoo has had since 2006,” Dr. Randi Meyerson, curator of mammals, said. “I credit our success to high-quality animal care, the staff’s relationship with the animals, the bears’ good temperaments and an outstanding facility. When the Arctic Encounter® opened in 2000, it was a state-of-the-art facility, and it still is.”

Photo credit: Roy Katalan

The Zoo’s cubs have an important future as ambassadors for a species, protected under the Endangered Species Act, which faces grave threats in their native habitat. As the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere increases—primarily from oil- and coal-burning activities—Arctic sea ice is melting. Polar bears depend on this ice to live; they cannot survive on land or in ice-free water.

By decreasing our carbon footprint, we can slow the warming of the atmosphere and offer wild polar bears a chance at survival. Some easy, but meaningful, actions are below. As a bonus, many of them save you money, too!
- don’t let your car’s engine idle when you’re not driving
- combine errands to decrease the number of miles you drive
- declutter your car (every pound of extra weight requires more fuel)
- ride a bike or walk for nearby errands (it saves you money and keeps you healthy)
- use cloth towels rather than paper towels
- raise your thermostat a few degrees this summer
- ditch plastic water bottles (often the water in them is no better, or even worse than, water from the tap)
- recycle any plastic you use
- carry your groceries in a reusable bag instead of a plastic bag
- buy energy-efficient appliances
- buy local products (saving the fuel costs to transport them long distances)
- plant native plants (they need less water and care than non-native plants)
- use cold water in your washing machine
- unplug appliances that you don’t use
- use rechargeable batteries
- grow a garden instead of a lawn
- install a rainwater barrel to collect rainwater for your garden
- fix dripping faucets

Watch the video below to see clips of the cubs and Crystal in their off-exhibit den when the cubs were approximately two months old:

Enjoy a two minute segment featuring Suka and Sakari as they explore their exhibit with their mother Crystal then jump in the water for some swimming, ball games, and light wrestling.

Watch the cubs in action in our fun TV spot:

What are the cubs doing today? Visit our animal web cams page and watch the two polar bear cams—you just may see Suka and Sakari in action…LIVE!

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