Donate an enriching gift for a Zoo animal

Gifts for Zoo Animals!

The Toledo Zoo’s Giving Tree program is your opportunity to give gifts directly to Zoo animals that will help with our enrichment efforts. Enrichment is the addition or modification of an animal’s environment that encourages the animals to make choices, exhibit natural, or species-appropriate behavior, presents mental challenges, encourages physical activity/exercise and enhances the animal’s overall well being. Watch the video below to see Toledo Zoo animals interacting with enrichment items. Whether you donate as an individual, a family, or even on behalf of your organization, you will see that your donations can make a big difference in the lives of our animals!

How to Donate to the Giving Tree

You can donate online or come to the Zoo and donate in person. Details and instructions for each are provided below.

Donate Online Today

Simply click on the name of the enrichment item you want to purchase in the list below
(some of the enrichment items listed below are featured in the video above)

Plastic Saucer Sled—$9.00
Used by polar bears, seals, tigers, snow leopards

6 Inch Jolly Ball—$10.00
Used by most mammals, some birds

10 Inch Jolly Ball—$20.00
Used by most mammals, some birds

Medium Teaser Ball—$16.00
Used by polar bears, seals and monkeys

Grapevine Shapes—$12.00
Used by polar bears, tigers, snow leopards, sloth bears, Birds, otters, meerkats, gorillas, orangs, monkeys, and meerkats
* Items come in assorted shapes and sizes. Zoo personnel will purchase shapes based on the enrichment needs of the animals.

Pig Ears 10 for $10.00  OR 25 for $25.00
Used by wolves, tigers, polar bears, snow leopards, domestic dogs, cheetahs

12.5 Pound Bag of Popcorn Kernels—$9.00
Used by elephants, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, polar bears, sloth bears, birds

25 oz Bags of Assorted Soft Dog Treats—$15.00
Used by wolves, domestic dogs, polar bears, dingos, and African wild dogs

Two Pound Bag of Assorted Dog Treats—$4.00
Used by wolves, domestic dogs, polar bears, dingos, and African wild dogs

Plastic Pool Pickle—$85.00

Used by tigers, seals, cheetahs

Oblong Stone (Plastic Pill)—$111.50

Used by lions, hippos, zebra, tigers

*We are asking for donations toward the following higher-priced items which are also used by our animals.  Your donation amount options range from $25 to $400:

Large Boomer Ball

Used by elephants, hippos, sloth bears

Small Weeble

Used by sloth bears, cheetahs, wildebeest, zebra

Click here if you would like to make donation toward a Large Weeble
Used by tigers, sloth bears, elephants polar bears

Click here if you would like to make donation toward a large or extra large parrot toy.
Used by parrots and cockatoos

Donate at the Zoo

Visit the Giving Tree in Nature’s Neighborhood and remove a paper ornament with the item of your choice. Once you’ve purchased that item, you can drop it off with your donation and ornament at the North Star Trading Post® near the main entrance of the Zoo or at any of the following KeyBank locations:

Airport Highway
6811 Airport Hwy
Holland, OH 43528

Franklin Park
4106 Talmadge Road
Toledo, OH 43623]

1088 Louisiana Ave
Perrysburg, OH 43551

Sylvania F.S.C.
5604 N Main St
Sylvania, OH 43560

3160 Navarre Ave
Oregon, OH 43616

Donations will be accepted starting on November 12th and the Giving Tree will be available throughout the Lights Before Christmas, until December 31. You can also make monetary donations to the Zoo PAL Animal Adoption program.

See the Animals Get Their Gifts on Noon Year’s Eve!

Some of the Zoo animals will receive the enrichment items you’ve donated throughout the day at the Zoo’s Noon Year’s Eve event on December 31.

Learn More About Animal Care at the Toledo Zoo

Your contribution to the Giving Tree supports our mission to care for animals. Click here to learn more about our excellent animal care.

Learn More about the Zoo PAL Animal Adoption Program

Becoming a Zoo PAL is a great way to contribute to the well-being of your favorite Zoo animals, and there are many perks that go with being a Zoo PAL too!  It also makes a great gift.  Click here to learn more.