Aquarium Adventure Trail and Pheasantry now open!

Aquarium Adventure Trail

The area has six animal sculptures: two humpback whales, two brown pelicans, a patriot crab and a Galapagos tortoise shell. There are also 32 spray water features in the wet section that run on a 15-minute sequenced loop. In the dry section, there is a slide hill, talk tubes, tire swing, crawl tube (reminiscent of the previous playground’s customer favorite, beaver dam) and hand-selected rocks for seating.


The new playground and Cool Zone with spray water features will open daily at 10 a.m. and close one hour prior to the closing of the Zoo. It is located between Penguin Beach and Primate Forest, near the Zoo’s Broadway entrance. The entire facility is ADA accessible and is included in Zoo admission.

Rules posted at the Cool Zone:
• NO lifeguard on duty
• Adult supervision required at all times. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
• All participants must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe and family-oriented manner.
• Clothing or swimwear must be worn at all times. Swim diapers are required for all children not toilet trained. Swim diapers for sale in KC’s Gift Shop.
• NO food and glass containers in the Cool Zone
• NO climbing on Cool Zone features.
• NO roughhousing.
• NO athletic equipment, balls, noodles, etc. in Cool Zone.
• Cool Zone will be evacuated during inclement weather or visible lightning.

We discourage running in the Cool Zone area due to slick surfaces. Participants may wear water shoes or water-friendly footwear.


This decagon-shaped exhibit, constructed with materials generously donated by Owens Corning, features birds from around the globe, including the Spectacled Owl, Himalayan Monal and Red-legged Seriema. Each individual exhibit has been designed and landscaped to be reminiscent of each species’ native habitat.

What else is new in 2015?

Bactrian Camels

Every day is now “Hump Day” at the Toledo Zoo, as two Bactrian camels- one male (Cash) and one female (June)- are now on exhibit in Tembo Trail. Bactrian camels (Camelus bactrianus) are herbivores that have two humps to store fat that can be converted to water or energy when food is scarce. These camels are native to the rocky deserts of central and east Asia and can grow to be over seven feet tall at their humps and weigh in excess of 1,800 pounds.

Red Pandas

The redheads have returned! Three female red pandas, Leela, Maiya and Willa are on exhibit in the indoor viewing of Primate Forest. Red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) are cold weather animals from the mountains of Nepal, Myanmar and China. They are often recognized by their 12-20 inch long, bushy ringed tail that they can wrap around themselves like a blanket to keep warm.

Toledo Zoo Aquarium

Visitors have been enjoying the Aquarium since it re-opened in March. Watch divers at the Reef, experience live marine life in our touch tanks and marvel at the beauty of aquatic life from the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers. Learn more