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The future looks bright!

The Zoo’s 10-year capital improvement plan is designed to create a participatory year-round experience for guests and a destination to attract out-of-town visitors.

The key projects:

All plans are subject to change

• Building an interactive, year-round river exhibit providing new homes for the Zoo’s hippos and bringing new animals, such as Kodiak bears and Giant river otters to the Zoo.

• Renovation of the iconic Zoo tunnel under the Anthony Wayne Trail.

• Providing a larger & more exciting new exhibit for the Zoo’s tigers—including a new café—from which visitors will have the opportunity to view the cats up close.

• Redevelopment of the historic Museum of Science, reestablishing it as a fun, participatory learning experience.

• Completion of major repairs, maintenance and infrastructure improvements to keep the 100+ year-old Zoo relevant today and in the future.