Meet animals of Australia at the Toledo Zoo!

This summer, the Toledo Zoo gets a little wilder with Wild Walkabout, Wonders from Down Under. Experience new, fascinating animals from Australia in locations throughout the Zoo’s historic south side.  As with so many exhibits at the Toledo Zoo, you can get very close to many of the Australian animals and you’re sure to find some new favorites. Don’t miss out! Watch the video below for a preview, and read the rest of the page for more information about these AUS-some animals!.

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Didgeridoo music in the clip above was performed live at the Toledo Zoo by David Leavitt on May 26, 2013 during the Grand Opening Celebration of Wild Walkabout.

Your adventure starts with a walk-through wallaby exhibit near the Zoo’s award-winning Aviary. Come face-to-face with these gentle marsupials, which are cousins to kangaroos.

Another new exhibit, considerably less gentle than wallabies, will feature cassowaries. These tall, aggressive birds have dagger-like claws, can jump almost five feet, and are good swimmers, too.
Photo credit: Stephanie Adams, Houston Zoo.

The “dangers of the land down under” continue in the Reptile House. See a taipan, a highly venomous snake known for its intelligence and nervous temperament. Nearby, a death adder may seem relaxed, but it’s just showing off its ambushing ability; when it moves, it has one of the quickest strikes in the world. Don’t miss Baru, the huge saltwater crocodile, brought to you by Block Communications, Inc. Photo credit: stock image.


In the Museum of Science, you’ll find a 360-gallon Great Barrier Reef exhibit, showcasing the intrigue of Australia’s coastal waters.
Photo credit: David Barnhardt, Akron Zoo.

Meanwhile, near Tiger Terrace, look for some animals that may seem a lot like your dog at home. Don’t be fooled, though; dingoes are quite different from domesticated dogs. Dingoes are more closely related to wolves than to Fido, and living isolated in Australia for so many thousands of years has helped them keep some unusual wild characteristics.
Photo credit: Stacy Burhart, Toledo Zoo.

These are just some of the wonders that await you. Come back and visit this page or for updates!

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To celebrate the arrival of the Zoo’s new Australian animals and Wild Walkabout, Wonders from Down Under, the Toledo Zoo is offering a ZooPAL promo you should check out!

When you enroll someone special in the Zoo PAL animal sponsorship program for the Wild Walkabout animals, for just $40 you receive an exciting gift package.  It includes your choice of an adorable plush crocodile, dingo, or wallaby, a frame-worthy certificate with embedded photo of your animal, and the opportunity to meet some of the staff and volunteers who take care of the animals at the Zoo at our annual Zoo PAL Night. Your one-of-a-kind gift also helps in the care and feeding of these amazing new residents of the Toledo Zoo. For additional information, visit our ZooPAL page

Sand-sational Send Off

Wild Walkabout is a great experience, but it won’t be here forever—visit before it all hops away on September 2! On August 16 and 17 the Zoo will be having a final celebration for Wild Walkabout at Sand-Sational Send Off.  Join us for some amazing sand sculptures with Australian themes, and kids will also love the live shows by the Fisher-Price Little People. Click here for more details

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