Zoo PAL Mammals
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Click on the photo of the animal you wish to sponsor. Reminder: if you want to sponsor an animal that is not listed below, you can still choose it as your Zoo PAL! To become the sponsor of an animal that is not listed below, Click here.

An asterisk (*) next to an animal's name indicates that it is part of our Education program and is not on exhibit.
Bold italicized text indicates a vanishing animal

African Elephant

African Pygmy Goat*

African Wild Dog

Allen's Swamp Monkey

Amur Tiger


Colobus Monkey

Edy The Education Dog*



Francois Langur


Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin



Gray Wolf

Greater Kudu

Grey Seal

Guinea Pig*

Harbor Seal





Naked Mole Rat

Nile Hippopotamus



Polar Bear

Prehensile Tailed porcupine*

Pygmy Hedgehog Tenrec*

Ring-tailed Lemur


Sloth Bear


Snow Leopard

Three-banded armadillo

White Lion

White Rhinoceros


White-Cheeked Gibbon






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Please remember that the animal(s) you support through your sponsorship are live creatures and are subject to the same frailties as human beings. They become ill, die, or are moved to other accommodations for breeding or other reasons. In the event that is necessary, we may transfer your sponsorship to another suitable animal.