Seasonal Changes

Spring Blooms at the Zoo
It is easy to understand why the spring is considered by many people to be the most favored season of the year. It is the time when nature itself wakes up from the long slumber of winter and things begin to turn green. It is also when the first flush of blooms begin to appear. Here at the Zoo spring brings flowering trees, shrubs, and early perennials. It is the perfect time to get out of the house and take a trip to the Zoo.

An early spring perennial with diminutive flowers can be found in and around the formal garden.


Flowering crabapple
Flowering Crabapple
Several different varieties of flowering crab can be found in our formal garden area.

Weeping cherry
Weeping Cherry
Located near the walk behind the ape house, its shear size makes it an impressive sight.


This under used, early flowering shrub can be found in our rose garden. It is one that is seldom seen in the landscape.


Summer Color
The summer brings with it a variety of colorful displays: annual beds, hanging baskets, perennials, flowering shrubs, and colorful containers are planted and maintained throughout the season.

Annual bed
Annual Bed
A colorful variety of annuals welcomes Zoo visitors at the Anthony Wayne Trail entrance.


Hanging baskets
Hanging Baskets
Hanging baskets and containers of annual flowers brighten the Zoo’s grounds with color.

Rose garden
Rose Garden
A variety of roses and perennials can be found in the rose garden. A favorite spot for zoo visitors to take photos.



Victoria water lilly
Lilly Pond
The Victoria water lily can often be found in the lily pool in front of the conservatory.


Fall Transition
A change of colors signals the onset of fall and with it comes the end of the growing season and a keen awareness of the need to plan for the next.

Black tupelo
Black Tupelo
A top shade tree and one of the first to start to show color in the fall.


The bright berries last into the winter season adding interest to an otherwise muted landscape.


A common landscape plant with uncommon color.



Paperbark Maple
Paperbark Maple
The exfoliating bark of this small shade tree adds interest throughout the entire year.


Winter Discoveries
The winter season brings its own special interest, ice, snow, Lights Before Christmas, and some unusual blooms.



Paperbark Maple

Winter offers its own beautiful scenery at The Toledo Zoo

Lights Before Christmas
is an important part of the departments responsibility. Although stringing the lights begins in September the actual planning starts much earlier in the year.

Over 1 million lights bring the holiday season alive at The Toledo Zoo.



Norway Spruce
The large Norway spruce has more than 30,000 lights.