Slimy Salamander
Plethodon glutinosus

Photo by Andy Odum
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In the video above, the final segment shows a female slimy salamander protecting her clutch of eggs.

Range and habitat:
The slimy salamander is found in the eastern United States, including Ohio

Natural diet:
This species of salamander feeds on small terrestrial invertebrates.

Size / weight range:
Slimy salamanders grow to be about 5 to 6 inches, with a record size of about 8 inches.

Interesting facts:
The slimy salamander is a member of the Plethodontidae, the largest family of salamanders in the world. What we consider the slimy salamander is actually a complex of several different closely related species.

The slimy salamander lays a clutch of eggs on land in moist protected areas. These eggs hatch directly into tiny salamanders. There is no larval stage. The female will stay with the eggs to tend and protect them. If an egg dies, she will usually eat it to prevent the fungus on the decaying egg from infecting the other eggs. The clutch size is between 4-12 eggs. The slimy salamander also produces a thick sticky slime that deters predators.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Amazing Amphibians exhibit, located in the Museum of Science

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