Eastern Bluebird
Sialia sialis

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The video above shows an entire Eastern Bluebird family.
The mother bluebird tries in vain to feed a cricket to her stubborn chick and eats it herself instead.

Range and habitat
The Eastern bluebird has a wide range across North and Central America, covering areas east of the Rockies to the eastern coasts of the United States and Canada, spanning as far south as Nicaragua. They can be spotted in natural woods, as well as in areas inhabited by humans, including farmland and suburban residential areas.

Natural diet:
This species feeds on ruits and insects

Size / weight range:
Eastern bluebirds grow to be approximately 7 inches long. The male has bright blue feathers and a rusty brown chest. Females have pale blue feathers.

Interesting facts:
The Eastern bluebird is the state bird in Missouri and New York.
After a strong recovery in the mid-20th century, the Eastern bluebird is not endangered and is listed as least concern.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
The Rescue Roost exhibit in the Aviary

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