Gouldian Finch (a.k.a. Lady Gouldian Finch, Gould’s Finch, Rainbow Finch)
Chloebia gouldiae

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Range and habitat
The Gouldian finch is native to northern Australia, where it lives in tropical savanna woodlands near mangroves and water.

Natural diet:
This bird feeds on ripe or half-ripe grass seeds as well as insects and grasses.

Size / weight range:
Gouldian finches grow to be 3-4 inches long and weigh 15-25 g or .5-.9 ounces. Both sexes are brightly colored with black, green, yellow, red and other colors. The females tend to be less brightly colored. One major difference between the sexes is that the male's chest is purple, while the female's is a lighter mauve color. Their heads may be red, black, yellow or orange.

Interesting Fact:
The Gouldian finch is endangered due to habitat loss and fires. They are susceptible to disease and infection. The species was named for ornithologist John Gould’s wife, although she did not have the title of “Lady”.

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