Grey-Winged Trumpeter (a.k.a. Common Trumpeter)
Psophia crepitans

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Range and habitat:
The Grey-winged trumpeter is native to the Amazon basin of South America, southeast Venezuela and Guiana.

Natural diet:
Grey-winged trumpeters feed on vegetable matter and insects.

Size / weight range:
This bird grows to be 17 to 24 inches in length and weighs a little over 2 pounds.

Interesting facts:
The Grey-winged trumpeter travels in flocks of 50 or more. Because of the ease by which these birds can be tamed. they are commonly kept as pets. Grey-winged trumpters are also effective as sentinels because of their loud and unmistakable “trumpeting” call. They rarely fly and will choose to run from a predator.

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