Kori Bustard
Ardeotis kori

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Range and habitat:
This species is found in grasslands and wooded savannas in eastern and southern Africa.

Natural diet:
Kori bustards are omnivorous; their diet consists of a wide variety of foods including insects, berries, seeds, lizards, snakes, and rodents.

Size / weight range:
Males are noticeably larger, standing 120 cm (about 4 feet), and weighing in at 13 and 18 kg (29-40 pounds).
Females stand about 90 cm (about 3 feet) tall, and weigh six to seven kg (13-15 pounds).

Interesting facts:
Kori bustards are among the heaviest of all flying birds. The display of the male includes inflating his neck with air to as much as 4 times its normal size. Kori Bustards are one of animals involved with The Toledo Zoo's Species Survival Plan program (SSP).

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Outside of the Avian Breeding Center (between Primate Forest and Kingdom of the Apes)

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