Rhinoceros Hornbill
Buceros rhinoceros

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Range and habitat:
The Rhinoceros hornbill live in dense lowland evergreen and hill dipterocarp forests. They're occasionally found up to 3937’ (1200 m). They are native to the canopy of forests throughout Peninsula Malaysia, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java.

Natural diet:
Rhinoceros hornbills eat fruit and also hunt for small vertebrates and large arthropods.

Size / weight range:
Adult hornbills are 110-127 cm (43-50 in) long, and they weigh 2-3 kg (4.4-6.6 lbs).

Interesting facts:
In the adult male the bare circumorbital skin is black; the eyes are red. •The adult female is the same overall coloration as the male, but smaller and the casque is without black marks; the circumorbital skin is red-orange with black eyelids forming rings around the eyes; the eyes are white. This species is monogamous, possibly with helpers at times. Hornbills display by jerking their head upwards with each note when calling, and then raising their bill skywards.

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