Madagascar Orb Weaver (a.k.a. Golden Orb Weaver Spider)
Nephila inaurata madagascariensis

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Range and habitat
The Madagascar orb weaver lives in southern Africa and the Seychelles, including the island of Madagascar.

Natural diet:
These spiders feed mainly on flying insect that get caught in their large webs.

Size / weight range:
Female Madagascar orb weaver spiders have bodies that are about 2 inches long, and they have a leg span of over 7 inches. Male Madagascar orb weavers are smaller.

Interesting facts:
Madagascar orb weavers make the one of the largest and strongest webs of any spider. It is sometimes called the Golden orb weaver because of the golden color of the silk that makes up its web.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
The Crawlspace exhibit, located in the Museum of Science, and also in Nature's Neighborhood.

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