Colobus Monkey
Colobus guereza

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Range and habitat:
Colobus monkeys are native to the forests and tropical jungles of Central and Eastern Africa.

Natural diet:
These monkeys eat leaves and leaf buds, plus fruits and blossoms.

Size / weight range:
The colobus monkey grows to between 18 and 28 inches long, with tails that are between 20 and 40 inches long. Males weigh between 19.8 and 31.9 pounds. Females weigh between 14.3 and 22 pounds.

Interesting facts:
The colobus monkeys at The Toledo Zoo are part of a Species Survival Plan, which helps ensure a healthy and genetically diverse zoo population throughout the country.
New born babies’ hair coat is all white and darkens to the black and white adult pattern as they age.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Primate Forest
You may be able to see our Colobus monkeys live on the Primate Cam!

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