Francois' Langur
Presbytis f. francoisi

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Range and habitat:
Francois Langurs prefer moist forests with sheltered, rocky areas. They seek out thick jungles, very steep hillsides and deep caves in Northern Vietnam and southern China. Their populations are small and fragmented.

Natural diet:
Primarily leaf eaters but also eat fruits, flowers and seeds as available.

Size / weight range:
22 to 33 inches long. Can weigh up to 18 pounds.

Interesting Facts:
The Francois Langurs at The Toledo Zoo are part of the Species Survival Plan program.
Francois Langurs are endangered.
Though the adults are black in color, the babies are born with bright orange coats.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Primate Forest.
You may be able to see our langurs live on the Primate Cam!

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