Sloth Bear
Melursus ursinus

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Range and habitat:
Dry and wet forests and grass lands. Found predominantly in India and Sri Lanka, and a few are located in southern Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Natural diet:
Insects-ants, termites, grubs. Sloth bears have a physical adaption for a diet of termites. Their upper incisors are missing, forming a gap, so its lips can extend to form a tube. It also eats fruits-such as figs and mangos.

Size / weight range:
Sloth bears have a body length between 60 and 75 inches (5 or 6 feet) and can weigh between 175 and 310 pounds.

Interesting Facts:
The Sloth Bears at The Toledo Zoo are part of the Species Survival Plan program.
Their Conservation Status is Appendix I in CITES.
Threats to Survival: severe habitat loss and heavy poaching mainly for the medicinal market.
Mother carries cubs on her back, by having them cling on to her long, shaggy fur.

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
Near the entrance to the Tiger Terrace.

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