Roti Island Snake-neck Turtle
Chelodina mccordi

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Range and habitat
Found in lakes and swamps on Roti Island, Indonesia.

Natural diet:
Vertebrates and invertebrates.

Size / weight range:
Approximately 12 inches.

Interesting Facts:
• This species is one of the most endangered turtles in the world (IUCN Red List Critical).
• It has a limited range and was over collected for the pet industry in the 1980’s.
• It was not recognized as a distinct species until after it had already become endangered.
• This turtle is a side neck turtle that folds its head in sidewise (unlike U.S. turtles that pull their heads straight back into the shell).
• The name snake-neck comes from its very long snake-like neck, a characteristic of the genus Chelodina.
• The Toledo Zoo has been breeding this rare species since the early 1990’s.
. • The Zoo community is managing this tortoise in captivity

Location at The Toledo Zoo:
The Reptile House

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