28th of March 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Toledo Zoo’s mission is to inspire others to join us in caring for animals and conserving the natural world. In the words of the Joe Cocker and the Beatles, “we get by with a little help from our friends.” Here are a few simple ideas everyone can do every day to improve the world […]

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21st of March 2016

Yakety Yak

Here at the Toledo Zoo, we have a lot to yak about! Two, young male yaks, Duga and Tashi, recently made their exhibit debut in Tembo Trail. We thought it was only appropriate to yak a little about our new yaks! As yaks are distinctively adapted to thrive in cold climates, down to -40 degrees, […]

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14th of March 2016

Meet a Giraffe

This summer your Zoo is filling a tall order, the opening of Tower Ridge Giraffe Experience, our brand-new giraffe feeding deck. This experience will take you beyond up close to our Masai giraffe herd. You will get downright personal as you feed the world’s tallest mammals. Believe me when I say, you will never forget […]

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2nd of March 2016

Second Chances

Whether it can walk, grow roots, swim or fly in the sky—no matter how big or small, everything on our earth matters and makes a difference. Our environment is essential to the existence of all living things and is continuously being altered by human hands. That’s why it is the mission of Toledo Zoo to […]

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22nd of February 2016

Restoring a Masterpiece

Let’s just say after a hundred years of being in Toledo, we’ve changed a lot. New buildings, new exhibits, an array of wildlife and more visitor interactivity than ever before. We’re living in a fast-paced world that is constantly innovating and developing the novel, modern and most cutting-edge. And though it’s nice to have new […]

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15th of February 2016

Preserving the Polar Bear

Standing upright at 10-feet tall and weighing almost 1,200 pounds, it’s hard to believe such a massive animal spends it’s life walking on sheets of ice in the arctic. They’re the world’s largest carnivorous mammals, known for its thick white coats and powerful hunting abilities. Though polar bears sound like a daunting species, they start […]

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8th of February 2016

Vanimal-tine’s Day

Attention last-minute planners! Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas? Maybe you’re spending it with a significant other, a friend, or hey, perhaps it’s one of those “riding solo days?” Regardless, we have weekend plans that involve two things: animals and enrichment. Now you may be asking, exactly what is enrichment? Well it’s a particular act or […]

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1st of February 2016

Finding Family

In the Malay language, Orangutan means “person of the forest.” They are large apes that spend a majority of their lives moving through the trees on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo—the only two places in the world these animals exist. Orangutans are highly endangered, which is why the Zoo staff was very excited […]

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25th of January 2016

Tink’s Story

“What is that?” “What are those?” “What’s wrong with its shell?” You may have found yourself pressed against aquarium glass asking these same questions as Tink, the green sea turtle, swims by. From a distance, it looks as though a black object is just resting on the back of her shell. Yes, I assure you […]

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18th of January 2016

Where Are We Now?

After countless hours of planning and discussions concerning the Toledo Zoo’s vision for the future, our 10-year master plan is now starting to come to life. In just a decade, you can expect new adventures and discoveries at your Zoo. It’ll be a mix of bringing in the new, while revitalizing the old. Jennifer Van […]

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