Membership FAQs

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Q: How can I join the Zoo?

A: You can join the Zoo through any of the following methods:

• Sign up or renew online by clicking here
• Visit the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne Trail Entry Complex
• Call the direct line for the Membership Department at 419-724-5915

Q: What type of memberships are available and how much do they cost?

A: We offer several categories of memberships ranging from a single person to various family categories with different benefits. We also offer President’s Circle memberships with separate levels of additional benefits. We offer a variety of membership levels to accommodate anyone from a single adult to a multigenerational household. Click here for membership categories, benefits and prices. Lucas County residents receive a discount on the purchase of Zoo memberships due to their ongoing support of the Zoo through the county levy. A renewal discount of $5 is available for Single through Family level members who renew ONLINE prior to their expiration date.

Q: If I am purchasing a gift membership, is the price based upon what county I live in, or what county my gift recipient lives in?

A: Membership price is based upon where the person purchasing the membership lives. The Zoo’s differential pricing structure is meant to give a financial discount to residents living in Lucas County since they are supporting us through the county levy; therefore, if the gift purchaser lives in Lucas County, then they will receive the discount reserved for Lucas County residents.

Q: How long is my membership valid?

A: Memberships are valid for one year. They begin on the day of purchase and end the following year at the end of the month of purchase. For example, if you purchase a membership on November 15 of the current year it would be valid until December 1 of the following year, and it would still be honored on December 1 of the following year.

Q: Can my babysitter/nanny/caregiver bring my children to the Zoo?

A: Yes. Simply send your caregiver with your membership card and a note granting permission to use your card to bring your children to the Zoo. Please note that only one caregiver is granted free admission and only your children. This policy is only applicable to Dual, One Adult Family, Family and President’s Circle memberships. Caregiver will be asked to present identification.

Q: Can a membership be shared between two households?

A: No. Zoo Memberships can only be used by one household. Members will be asked to present a second form of ID showing their name and current address for verification. The membership cardholder must be present whenever the membership or guest privileges are used.

Q: Can I give my membership to someone else to use?

A: No. Zoo Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. A second form of identification is requested at the admission gate when presenting your membership card. The membership cardholder must be present whenever the membership or guest privileges are used.

Q: I am a Senior Grandparent member and I am unable to visit the Zoo; can I send my membership card and a note with my adult child or grandchild, so that they can receive free admission?

A: With a Senior Grandparent membership, it is our policy that both members listed on the card be grandparents and one grandparent must always be present when the card is used; therefore the membership card cannot be given to an adult child or the grandchild to use.

Q: If a mother and adult daughter with children living in the same household want to purchase a membership, what category should they purchase?

A: A Family membership would need to be purchased. A Senior Grandparent membership could not be purchased because this category requires the grandparent always to be present to use the membership.

Q: Can my children under the age of 21 use my membership card without me being present?

A: Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult 16 or older. Children age 12 to 20 years old living in the member household may use the card with a note from their parent and some form of identification (driver’s license or school ID). Children cannot use the card to bring guests outside of the family. For membership categories that offer guest privileges, the cardholder must be present whenever guest privileges are used and the guest privileges will be recorded accordingly.

Q: Does my Family Membership allow guests?

A: No. A Family membership admits two adults, children under the age of 21 living at home, and your unmarried grandchildren under the age of 21. One of the cardholders must be present for the card to be used. If you would like to bring a guest/s with you to the Zoo, you will need to purchase the Plus One or Plus Two option to add to your membership.

Q: Can I use my membership at other zoos and aquariums?

A: Yes, you may use your Toledo Zoo membership at over 150 other zoos and aquariums for 50% discounted admission. Click here for the list of reciprocal zoos. We strongly recommend calling the other institution in advance as each zoo or aquarium has its own admission policy.

Q: What if I want to visit another zoo and I do not have my membership card?

A: If you would like to visit another zoo and you do not have your membership card, you will need to contact the Toledo Zoo’s Membership Department at (419) 724-5915 and we will call ahead to clear you at the reciprocal zoo’s admission gate. Other institutions do not have access to our membership information and will not call to verify if you are a member.

Q: Does my membership allow free admission to the Lights Before Christmas?

A:Yes, based upon your membership level. President’s Circle members receive unlimited Lights Before Christmas admission, including on the weekends. All other membership categories receive unlimited visits Monday through Thursday and one free weekend visit Friday through Sunday. Your visit will be recorded at the admission gate. Please note that your family members must attend together.

Q: What if I have lost my membership card?

A: Replacement membership cards may be purchased for a nominal fee of $8.00. Click here for a list of options to purchase a replacement card, including purchasing a replacement card online. Replacement cards can only be requested for current memberships. If there are changes to be made on the replacement card, please specify them in the additional comments section of the order form.

Q: What if I have name changes to be made to my membership card?

A: You may remove and replace a named member only once per membership year. Changes can be submitted online by Clicking here. You can also bring your membership card to the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne Trail entry plaza between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to update your membership information. Please note that once your information is updated with a new name, your former membership card cannot be used.

Q: Why do I need to show a second form of identification when I use my Zoo membership card?

A: As a nonprofit, we depend upon membership and attendance revenue for support. In order to prevent misuse of Zoo membership benefits, and to protect our members in case their card has been lost or stolen, a second form of identification is required for each adult listed on the membership card.

Q: Where is free parking available with my Zoo membership?

A: The Toledo Zoo grants free parking for one vehicle in the Anthony Wayne Trail parking lot. Parking is subject to availability. Please note that you must be a current member to receive free parking. (vehicle can only park in one space; if more than one space is needed an additional fee will be charged) The parking lot located on Broadway Street across from the Aquarium is owned by the City of Toledo; Toledo Zoo members receive a $2 discount on parking for the Broadway lot

Q: If I visit the Zoo as a non-member, and decide to join as a member that day, will I receive a refund for my parking?

A: No, only visitors who are current Zoo members receive free parking for one vehicle in the Anthony Wayne Trail parking lot. Once you become a Zoo member, your parking will be free from that point on.

Q: Can I bring a guest if I have a Single membership?

A: You cannot bring a guest if you have a Single membership. If you would like to bring a guest with you each time you visit the Zoo you would need a Dual membership. Plus One and Plus Two options are also available for Dual through Family levels.

Q: If I renew my membership prior to the expiration date, will I lose time on my membership?

A: No, you will not lose any time if you renew your membership prior to your expiration date; your membership expiration date will simply be extended for one additional year. As a conservation organization the Zoo encourages members to renew early and to renew online if possible to decrease the need for paper renewal notices to be printed and mailed.

Q: If I have a Dual membership (formerly Individual Plus) can I bring a guest with me each time I visit, or just once?

A: A Dual membership allows free admission for two named adults living in the same household, OR one named adult and a guest (member must choose which option at time of enrollment). If only one adult is listed on the membership card, then a guest (adult or child) will be allowed free admission with them on each visit; if you name two adults living in the same household, the membership is limited to the named adults only.

Q: If I have the Plus One or Plus Two option added to my membership, or if I am currently a Family Plus, Family Deluxe, or President’s Circle member, can I use my guest privileges for the Lights Before Christmas?

A: Yes, if you have the Plus One or Plus Two option, or if you have guest privileges associated with your membership that have not been used, they can be used for free admission to the Lights Before Christmas. Please note: Membership cardholder must be present whenever guest privileges are used.

Q: Can the guest privileges associated with the Family Plus, Family Deluxe, and President’s Circle memberships be used throughout the year, or with each visit?

A: As of January 1, 2016, Family Plus and Family Deluxe memberships are no longer offered for purchase, but benefits will be honored until the membership expires. Family Plus memberships have a total of 5 guest privileges to use throughout the year, Family Deluxe members have a total of 10 guest privileges, and President’s Circle members have a total of 20 guest privileges. Once these privileges have been used, you cannot continue to bring guests. For example, if you are currently a Family Plus member and you bring three guests with you on your first visit, you will only have two guest privileges remaining. Guest privileges are located on the back of your membership card and are recored at the admission gate.
Please note: Membership cardholder must be present whenever guest privileges are used.

Q: If I have the Plus One or Plus Two option, do I get to bring a guest for unlimited visits?

A: Yes, if you have the Plus One option you can bring one unnamed guest each time you visit, including for the Lights Before Christmas; if you have the Plus Two option you can bring two guests.

Q: If I have a membership at a different zoo, can it be transferred to The Toledo Zoo?

A: No, the purchase of a zoo membership remains at the host zoo and funds cannot be transferred from one zoo to another.

Q: If I have a Toledo Zoo membership and I am moving out of town can I get a refund or transfer my membership to another family?

A: No. Toledo Zoo memberships are not transferable and non-refundable. Due to our extensive reciprocal zoo list you will be able to use your membership at other zoos in your new location for reduced admission.

Q: If the other named adult on my membership card cannot attend, can I bring a friend or relative instead?

A: Members cannot substitute a friend or relative for a named cardholder. Your Toledo Zoo membership has a tremendous value. Each membership is designed for a specified set of individuals – it is not an open-ended admission card. By naming each adult and requiring them to show a second form of identification, we are protecting the integrity of the membership and the benefits associated with it. If you wish to bring a friend or relative to the Zoo, you may want to consider adding the Plus One or Plus Two option to your membership.

Q: Why can’t I have two membership cards?

A: Because member guest privileges and Lights Before Christmas visits are also tracked on your membership card, only one card is issued in order to prevent abuse of these valuable benefits. If you come to the Zoo and realize that your spouse / second named adult has your membership card, please visit the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne Trail entry plaza and a sales associate will assist you.

Q: How can I purchase my membership online if I prefer not to use my personal credit card information?

A: If you prefer not use your personal credit card, you can purchase a pre-paid major credit card at most supermarkets, banks, and convenience stores which can be used just like a credit card for online ordering. Please note the Toledo Zoo takes every precaution to protect our users’ information. When our membership or check-out forms ask users to enter sensitive information it is encrypted for maximum protection with industry-standard SSL encryption software. Click here for more information regarding our privacy policy

Q: Can I use a gift card to purchase a membership?

A: Toledo Zoo Gift Cards cannot currently be used to purchase a membership online or over the phone, but they can be used when purchasing on zoo grounds.

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