Celebrate Happy Hearts Day at Toledo Zoo

January 28, 2020

TOLEDO, Ohio – Spread love and love will spread. On Saturday, February 15, bring your sweetheart to Happy Hearts Day (formerly Vanimal-tine’s Day) at the Toledo Zoo from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and help spread the love as many of your favorite Zoo animals receive species-appropriate, Valentine’s Day themed treats.

The day’s activities will focus on promoting heart health among the animals, while providing them with heart-shaped enrichment treats. The goal of the Zoo’s enrichment program is to encourage natural behaviors and provide choices to the animal through different types of stimulation. “For example, to our African elephants, snow is a novelty and a wonderful natural form of enrichment. When we get an accumulation, the elephant keepers make large heart-shaped piles of snow that the elephants trudge through and toss around with their trunks. While it may seem like play to our delighted visitors, it is a form of enrichment that provides our elephants exercise, and a chance to display natural behaviors and social interactions,” said Beth Posta, curator of behavioral husbandry.

The Zoo is also home to more cold-weather tolerant animals than ever before, including red pandas, Amur tigers, snow leopards, polar bears, Bactrian camels, gray wolves, yaks and cinereous vultures.

Make plans to see all of the animals at Happy Hearts Day on Saturday, February 15 at your Toledo Zoo. This event is free with Zoo admission. For the full schedule of events, please visit toledozoo.org/happyhearts

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