Enrichment Day: Paws & Play at the Toledo Zoo

September 5, 2019

TOLEDO, Ohio — One of the ways that the Toledo Zoo provides the highest quality of animal care is through our enrichment program: creating objects and activities that encourage the animals to use their wild and natural instincts to explore their habitats, make choices about their day and find food. Simply put, enrichment is a large part of the animal version of a wellness program. On Saturday, September 14, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., the Zoo offers Enrichment Day: Paws & Play for visitors to see these efforts and more in action!

All across the Zoo, keepers and animal care staff will share enrichment demonstrations and information about the animals. While it may look like the animals are playing, they are actually utilizing repurposed materials to display natural behaviors including hunting/foraging, scent marking and more.

For example, it is not just a wreath with food smears, to gorillas it is a puzzle and to birds it is a supply of nesting materials. Other examples would be elephants using bowling balls as step stools, apes using blankets as umbrellas and shredded paper mounds as nests, our felines stalking cardboard boxes stacked to portray prey or the brown bears enjoying a bubble bath!

In addition to the animal demonstrations, there will also be opportunities for kids to experience hands-on enrichment activities in the Nature’s Neighborhood workshop.

All activities are included with Zoo admission. The full schedule of Enrichment Day: Paws & Play activities is available at toledozoo.org/enrichmentday.


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