2021 Recycling Items List

Party for the Planet


The Ability Center

-Medical equipment (view list)

AIM Ecycling, LLC.

– Laptops, printers, modems, hard drives, cables, speakers, keyboards, terminals, computer mice, cameras, radios, cell phones, telephones, power tools, typewriters, electronic games, fax machines, VCR & DVD players, microwaves, toner and ink
Not accepted: TVS & CRT monitors or appliances

American Paint Recyclers

– Latex-based paint will be collected for $1/gallon per container
– Not accepted: Oil based paint

City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods / Envirotire

– Bulky items and refuse, car tires (limit 10 tires per car, tires with rim will be accepted)
– Not accepted: TVs, air conditioning units refrigerators/freezers, or large appliances

ERG Environmental Services

– Aerosols, flammables, photo chemicals, antifreeze/coolants, fluorescent bulbs, pool chemicals, asbestos, freon/helium, cylinder primers, bio-medical waste, gasoline, propane cylinders, brake fluid, herbicides, car batteries, household batteries, smoke detectors, caulks/sealers, kerosene, solvents, cleaning chemicals, lubricants, tar/adhesives, cooking oil, mercury (elemental), transmission fluid, corrosives, motor oil/filters, turpentine, driveway sealers, paint thinners/removers, unknowns/unlabeled, fertilizers, PCB materials, wood preservatives, fire extinguishers, pesticides

Gateway Recycling and Waste Reduction, Inc.

– Secured/Confidential Document Destruction
– Not accepted: binders or binder clips
– Note: Document destruction happens off-site

Go Green Ohio

– Denim (wearable and unwearable)


– Houseware goods, clothing (wearable or unwearable), toys

KTLCB/Lucas County Solid Waste Management District

– Paper, phone books, newspapers, cardboard, boat shrink wrap, styrofoam
– In order for Boat Wrap to be recycled, all nylon straps and any other non-shrink wrap material must be removed, and it must be properly bundled. – For specific instructions visit https://co.lucas.oh.us/3404/Boat-Shrink-Wrap-Recycling .
– White Packaging Styrofoam and Cooler only.
Not accepted: flexible foam, egg cartons, take-out containers or plates/cups.

Toledo Zoo ZOOTeen Terracycle Program

– #6 cup recycling (ex. Solo cup)
– Food pouches (ex. GoGo SqueeZ)
– Juice drink pouches (ex. Honest Kids)
– Brita products (pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems, filters and filter packaging)
– Entemann’s Little Bites packaging

– Lipstick/Chap stick tubes, mascara tubes, eye shadow, eye liner cases, eye pencils, shampoo/conditioner bottles, hair gel tubes, hair gel jars, deodorant sticks, body wash, soap and face/body lotion containers, lip liner pencils)
Not accepted: Hair spray cans, nail polish, nail polish remover bottles or other pressurized cans

– All brands of blades and razors accepted, and any plastic packaging

– Vitamins, minerals and supplements packaging (blister packs, tubes, bottles, caps, lids cans)
– Cough, cold, flu, sore throat, and nasal care packaging (blister packs, tubes, bottles, caps, lids cans)
– Infant formula and child nutrition packaging: tubes, bottles, camps, lids, cans
Note: This program does not collect prescription pill bottles (the orange bottles)

– Toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes and packaging, floss and mouthwash containers

– Board games, electronic toys and games, metal/plastic/wood toys and games, action figures, dolls, plush toys
Note: All game/toy brands accepted, even broken

– Inkjet and laser print cartridges
– Aluminum cans
– Cell phones
– Mechanical pencils, pens, markers and highlighters