Great learning resources covering a variety of topics and activities

The Toledo Zoo’s Education Department offers informative lessons and activites that educators can use both in classrooms and at the Zoo during field trips. These documents are available as .pdf files for general use.

Please note: some lessons encourage activities at specific Zoo locations. Before planning a field trip that includes these lessons, please contact the Zoo at 419.385.5721 to be sure the exhibit(s) will be accessible. Weather, construction and other factors may influence whether an exhibit is open.

PDF Files:

General Lessons and Exercises

Animal Classification
Finger Challenge
Generic Menu 1
Generic Menu 2
The Big Squeeze (impact of human population growth on natural resources and habitats)

African Savanna

African Savanna Teacher Overview
African Savanna Scavenger Hunt
African Savanna Adaptation Fascination
African Savanna Biome-Home


Amphibian Background
Habitat and Characteristics of Frogs and Toads
How to Hide a Frog
Metamorphosis of Frogs and Toads


Arctic Activities
Polar Bear Aware
Staying Cozy When Its Cold


Bird Overview
Bird Adaptations
Bird Characteristics


Cat Overview
Cat Behaviors
Cat Characteristics
Cat Scavenger Hunt


Fish Overview
Fish Niches
Fish Structures and Characteristics


Plant Overview
Plant Characteristics
Plant Life Cycles  


Primate Overview
Primate Classification
Primate Differences
Primate Scavenger Hunt

Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear Overview


Wolves Overview
Wolves Characteristics
Wolves Social Behavior