We strive to bring you the best experience at the Toledo Zoo while providing the best care of our animals and their habitats. Periodic construction and maintenance are part of this commitment, and occasionally exhibits and facilities may close temporarily for construction or maintenance. We apologize if any of your favorite exhibits are closed during your planned visit, and we hope that you will still join us for a day of adventure.

Construction Updates

Last updated on July 14, 2015
Our construction updates often refer to specific locations and/or zoo exhibits.  Click here to open a PDF version of the Zoo’s guide map for a visual reference to help identify any locations mentioned below.

Main Plaza Playground

The playground near the Main Plaza and penguins/aquarium is closed for construction.
Coming soon at that location—Aquarium Adventure Trail and the nearby Pheasantry exhibit.
We recommend that visitors visit the playground and activity areas at Nature’s Neighborhood.
*The Beastro restaurant will also be closed during ongoing phases of construction at that location, and there may be temporary closures of walkways, etc.