Leave a lasting legacy for loved ones at The Toledo Zoo.

Commemorate a special occasion or provide an eternal memorial through The Toledo Zoo’s Tree Legacy Program. A variety of tree species are available for sponsorship at various locations throughout the Zoo. The honored individual(s) will be recognized with a beautiful stone plaque created by Carruth Studios, Inc., featuring your choice of four designs and two lines of text with 16 characters per line. Your plaque will be placed by your tree for all Toledo Zoo visitors to view. (Plaque size is 9.25” x 2.25” x 7”. All print will be in capital letters. Sorry, no logos.) Please view the following plaque samples and the three maps below to help make your selection.

Available Plaques from Carruth Studios:

Carruth Samples

Locations of Commemorative Trees with donation rates:

Conservatory and Gardens:

Garden map

1. Sold
2. Tri-color Beech—$5,000
3. White Bark Magnolia—$2,000
4. Tulip Poplar—$5,000
5. Canadian Hemlock—$2,000
6. Sold
7. Sold
8. Scotch Pine—$8,000
9. Cornelian Cherry Dogwood—$2,000
10. Dawn Redwood—$3,000
11. Sold
12. Sold
13. Sold
14. Black Tupelo—$2,000
15. Black Tupelo—$2,000
16. Black Tupelo—$2,000
17. Black Tupelo—$2,000

18. Black Tupelo—$2,000
19. Black Tupelo—$2,000
20. Black Tupelo—$2,000
21. Sold
22. Sold
23. Star Magnolia—$3,000
24. Star Magnolia—$3,000
25. Star Magnolia—$3,000
26. Sold
27. Japanese Tree Lilac—$2,000
28. Japanese Tree Lilac—$2,000
29. Japanese Tree Lilac—$2,000
30. Black Tupelo—$2,000
31. Black Tupelo—$2,000
32. Sold
33. Serbian Spruce—$3,000
34. Serbian Spruce—$3,000

Carnivore Cafe / Main Plaza:

Carnivore Cafe map

36. Sold
37. Sold
38. Sold
39. American Linden—$3,000
40. Hedge Maple—$3,000
41. Hedge Maple—$3,000
42. Hedge Maple—$3,000
43. Hedge Maple—$3,000
44. Hedge Maple—$3,000
45. Hedge Maple—$3,000
46. Hedge Maple—$3,000

Africa! Safari Railway:

Africa map

47. Golden Raintree—$5,000
48. Golden Raintree—$5,000
49. Golden Raintree—$5,000
50. Golden Raintree—$5,000
51. Sold

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Because trees are living specimens, The Toledo Zoo will guarantee a replacement or substitute tree if your designated tree dies or is removed within 5 years of the purchase date.

Contact the Zoo’s Development Office at 419-385-5721, ext. 2091 with questions or for further information.