See live animals and prehistoric replicas

Flying Reptiles

On display now at the Reptile House

In 2014 the Toledo Zoo is celebrating the theme of Flight, but are there really flying lizards? Frogs? Snakes? You’ll see all three at an exclusive new exhibit opening on Saturday, March 8 in the Zoo’s historic Reptile House. Come see what a flying dragon looks like (Draco volans), or meet a Kuhl’s flying gecko, an ornate flying snake, or a Denny’s gliding frog.  Each of these fascinating animals has harnessed the power of flight by gliding through the air using specialized adptations on their bodies.

Above: ornate flying snake. Photo: R. Andrew Odum

Above: Flying dragon (Draco volans). Photo: R. Andrew Odum

Prehistoric Flying Reptiles

This might be the first time you’ve heard of flying reptiles and amphibians, but as species go, they’ve been around a long time. These amazing animals once shared the skies with the world’s first bird species, long before humans existed.

In addition to all the live animals coming to the Reptile House, your Zoo’s Graphic & Exhibit Design team has hand-crafted models of many prehistoric flying animals. They include a life-size replica of Quetzalcoatlus northropi, which stood as tall as a giraffe and had a wingspan of 35 feet!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn what flying reptiles looked like millions of years ago.

Replica head by Bob Garcia

To learn about how Bob Garcia made of the pterosaur heads, check out this video: