Imagine tropical vacations at Flamingo Key

Flamingo Key

Now open!

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When you cross over the pedestrian bridge, be sure to stop at Flamingo Key.

A flock of flamingos arrives at the Zoo, with a whole new Caribbean beat that feels like you’re at a tropical island. Watch them grow from fluffy chicks to graceful adults! See what they look like before and after. The exhibit will include a combination of colorful adult flamingos and juvenile flamingos that are still growing into their more colorful feathers.

Win a trip! May 24 through August 30:

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Visit the Flamingo Key Exhibit and look for the cut-out flamingo display shown in the image below:

Pop in your head, take a photo, and Flamin-GO to Toledo Express Airport’s Facebook page to upload the photo and enter to win! #FlaminGoTOL

Find a Flock!

As you travel around through the Toledo metro area you may suddenly encounter flocks of flamingos looking at you. Don’t worry, they’re plastic but they have an important job of spreading the word that flamingos will be at the Toledo Zoo starting on May 23. If you see a flock let us know where on our Facebook page!

A flock of flamingos greets traffic in south Toledo. Photo by Casey Cook