Experience the beauty

The newly renovated Aquarium houses 3000+ aquatic animals in 178,000 gallons of water – nearly four times the volume as the previous Aquarium.  Although the two and half year renovation preserved the exterior of the Works Progress Administration (WPA)-era structure, the new Aquarium experience, from sleek sharks to glittering tropical fish, is like nothing seen before in this region.
Touch a stingray with your own hands. Stand beside a sea turtle as it glides by. Interact with a diver inside inside The Reef, a huge 90,000-gallon exhibit generously supported by Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Every step leads you further into the mysteries that lurk underwater, from flooded forests of the Amazon and deep seas of the Pacific to fish that glow in the dark and sea nettles that kill with a touch. The renovations to the new Aquarium were also possible due to the gracious support of Lucas County.

At times, pending the amount of visitor traffic flow, strollers may be prohibited inside the Aquarium due to limited space. Stroller parking zones will be provided at locations near the Aquarium entrance.

Schedule for Dive Talks at the Reef

Dive talks are sponsored by ProMedica
* Dive talks schedule is subject to change on an ongoing basis


2 p.m.


11 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Visitors may also encounter divers throughout the week as they appear in various Aquarium exhibits for cleaning and maintenance.

Touch Tanks and more!

Throughout the day the Touch Tank and Ocean Lab will be open for visitors to experience.

Future schedule of Aquarium activities will be determined based on visitation, feedback, changing seasons, etc.

Old vs New

Below are some comparisons between the old and new Aquarium:

Exhibit water volume:
Old: 46,000 gallons
New: 178,000 gallons

Largest Exhibit:
Old: 7,600 gallons
New: 90,000 gallons

Percentage of marine (saltwater) exhibits:
Old: 37%
New: 87%

What’s New?

Touch Tank and Ocean Lab

Visitors get close to sharks, rays, sea stars and more in a hands-on environment.

The Reef

Generously supported by Owens-Illinois, Inc.

This tank will be the largest tank ever featured at the Toledo Zoo Aquarium with 90,000 gallons of water!


Gulf of Mexico

Featuring sharks, rays and a sea turtle, this is the Aquarium’s second-largest exhibit.  The sea turtle is part of a conservation education program to help wild turtles.


Flooded Forests

From piranhas of South America’s Amazon ecosystem to Asia’s mangrove forests, aquatic life thrives in remarkable ways

Kelp Forest

Leopard sharks and bat rays are among the featured species of this exhibit

Deep Sea

Deep-sea creatures rarely seen in aquariums, like the giant Japanese spider crabs, have developed amazing adaptations to live in the crushing deep sea environments.

Photo by Sean Pavone from Dreamstime

Lake Erie Islands and Ohio Waterways

From tiny minnows to ancient sturgeon, these waters sport an amazing array of aquatic life.

Visitor Favorites Return

Moon Jellies

Flashlight fish

Giant Pacific Octopus

Alligator snapping turtle

Electric eel

Adopt one of our Aquarium animals

You can adopt your favorite Aquarium animal as part of our Zoo PAL animal adoption program! Click here to choose your Zoo PAL Aquarium Animals


Learn more on oceans, seas and rivers and the animals that call them home by visiting your local library.
Visit the Toledo Lucas County Library web site

Learn more about the Aquarium Renovation

Watch the construction process on YouTube:

Progress Report—Part 1 (November 25, 2013):

Progress Report—Part 2 (April 28, 2014):

Progress Report—Part 3 (September 24, 2014):

Detailed information about the aquarium renovation

Click here to download a thorough PDF prepared by Jay Hemdal, the Toledo Zoo’s Curator of Fishes and Invertebrates.